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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and our exclusive turtle tours on the North Shore of Oahu? Check here!

Do I need to be a photographer? 

Nope!  Everyone is welcome and will have a great time seeing our island and capturing its beauty whether a total beginner or advanced photographer....everyone will walk away with a beautiful experience that will last a lifetime!  

Do I need to have an iPhone?  

iPhones are great, but so are Android devices, cameras, point and shoots, or just a smile on your face....we will have a great time!

Here at Aloha Turtle Tours we will never rush any moment that unfolds for us on our tours.  To have to be rushed while on vacation off a beach or away from a beautiful moment is not our idea of a good time.  

Will we have to get herded onto a bus or big van constantly not able to enjoy ourselves?  

None of the scheduled times work for me or my group. Can you do custom times?

Yes we can! If none of our standard times work for you or your group, just call or send an email and we'll build a fantastic tour around your schedule!

What if we dont show up for the tour?

Please review our cancellation and refund policy that was included in your booking confirmation. We do not provide refunds for no-show tours.

We recommend a 7:00–7:30 am pick-up, which will have you back between 4:30–5:30 pm. However, the pick-up time is completely up to you!

What are your standard tour times for private tours?

Where are your pick-up locations for private tours?

We will pick you up from whichever hotel or residence you are staying at, as long as it is on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. In short: wherever works best for you!

What is the difference between your tours and other tour companies?

While many other tour companies take van loads of people you may or may not want to be with on your special Hawaiian journey....Aloha Turtle Tours ensures a beautifully relaxed organic in nature tour not rushing or cookie cutter in our approach.  We have a consciousness and local vibe that sets us apart from the pack and will be eminent from the minute we meet.  And you will have an accomplished professional working photographer on each and every tour capturing your moments sharing them instantly for you to have by the time we part to share your aloha with family and friends.

Do I need to know how to take photos or be a professional photographer?  

No!  You do not need to have any photographic experience to take our tours...that's the point to learn and let us show you how fun it is to create and capture the beauty of Hawaii.

Should I bring my own camera if I own one?  

Absolutely!  Bring whatever your have or would like to in order to learn about your photographic gear whether pro cameras or point and shoots or mobile devices.  Anthony is extremely proficient and wears his geek hat proudly and will break down all the technical details for you in a way you can easily understand.  

Ready To Capture Hawaii's beauty and have some fun?

We specialize in small-group, high-quality experiences that make great memories for years to come. Along the way, you’ll learn about photo basics and gain a deeper understanding of exploring your creative vision which we all have in us. What's more, our professional photographer on staff will help you get amazing photos that you can share with your friends and family and preserve a wonderful experience for a lifetime. Click on the BOOK NOW button below to see available times and tour options!